A fully accredited AASHTO R18 and
ASTM D3666 asphalt laboratory

Warrior Asphalt Inc. offers a comprehensive range of accredited laboratory services designed to assist clients in optimizing and certifying asphalt-based formulations. Our laboratory performs testing on in-house products and provides third-party lab services.

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Warrior Asphalt offers product formulation or troubleshooting services, polymer or additive evaluations, pilot blending, and analytical testing.

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We also offer production scale-up services, pilot still oxidation and feedstock evaluation services, as well as a full range of PG (Performance Graded), conventional asphalt binders, and roofing and industrial coating testing services.

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Product certifications and compliance testing are performed by our certified technicians giving you the confidence and assurance that your products meet or exceed Agency or internal specifications.

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Warrior’s laboratory maintains a professional Quality Management System that has been accredited meeting both AASHTO R18 and ASTM D3666 (Asphalt Binder) requirements. Our laboratory accreditation includes AASHTO R28, R29, T44, T48, T49, T51, T53, T228, T240, T301, T313, T315, T316, T350, and ASTM D5, D36, D70, D92, D113, D2042, D2872, D4402, D6084, D6521, D6648, D7175, D7405 tests.